Water Damage Photo Gallery

Moisture meter to detect wet walls

Moisture Meter- A Technicians Best Friend

A moisture meter is just one tool that restoration technicians use to detect wet walls. This tool ensures we identify all wet areas so we can dry the property toughly. 

Firebird for Temporary Heat

Firebird for Temporary Heat

When a water loss occurs in a rental property or a property for sale, there is sometimes a need for temporary heat. The Firebird offers multiple heating, ducting and electrical options for on-demand heating from inside or outside the drying space.

Extreme Water Damage

Extreme Water Damage

In this water loss, water traveled from the 2nd floor down into the first floor leaving standing water in the cabinets and on the counter-tops. We are equipped to handle small or large water losses.

A picture of a cracked water line which caused an in-door flood

A Small Crack Equals a Large Mess

This broken water line which cracked after a freeze and thaw cause a large water disaster for a Scranton homeowner. This just goes to show that it does not take much to cause a disaster. SERVPRO to the rescue.

Frozen water emerging from a picture window in a home in Hamlin

Ice Berg Stemming from a Large Scale House Flood

When an ice berg emerges from a home is never a good sign. Just imagine how much water flowed through this home to have it leak outside at this Hamlin home. SERVPRO was called to help restore this damage.

Mold growth on a bathroom wall

Water Damage-Mold!

This mold infested bathroom was a result of a broken pipe which went unprofessionally cleaned. When water damage is not properly mitigated mold can and will grow. Moisture is one key element for mold to live.

A couch floating in a basement filled with water

Basement Flood

A pipe broke in this Honesdale basements ceiling flooding it until the couch was literally floating. Following the extraction of all this water, SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties was able to restore it and help make it 'Like it never even happened".