Photo Gallery

Fire damaged roof needing protection

Fire Damaged Roof

The roof caught fire as contractors were working on a repair. As you can see the fire spread right down the tar seam. We were called to build a temporary repair in order to protect the interior of the building

Soot webs are an obvious indication of smoke damage

Soot Webs

The webs in the ceiling of this structure are not cobb webs, but soot webs. Soot from a fire rises and as the fire consumes the oxygen they bond together. A sure sign of smoke damage. 

Moisture meter to detect wet walls

Moisture Meter- A Technicians Best Friend

A moisture meter is just one tool that restoration technicians use to detect wet walls. This tool ensures we identify all wet areas so we can dry the property toughly. 

Truck Mounted Desiccant

Truck Mounted Desiccant

This truck mounted desiccant was utilized to help facilitate the drying process. The affected area was large and by employing the most modern technology we were able to save our customer both time and money.  One advantage to using SERVPRO is our ability to meet any size job. This was a perfect example of a large scale project with a tight timeline that we were able to successfully complete. 

Creative In-Door Air Quality Solution

Creative In-Door Air Quality Solution

We had to cover an indoor pool during this cleaning project in order to regulate the relative humidity. We also employed an air filtration plan to allow the facility to remain open while the team cleaned and disinfected the facility.

Firebird for Temporary Heat

Firebird for Temporary Heat

When a water loss occurs in a rental property or a property for sale, there is sometimes a need for temporary heat. The Firebird offers multiple heating, ducting and electrical options for on-demand heating from inside or outside the drying space.

Extreme Water Damage

Extreme Water Damage

In this water loss, water traveled from the 2nd floor down into the first floor leaving standing water in the cabinets and on the counter-tops. We are equipped to handle small or large water losses.

Emergency Services - Board Up / Roof Tarping

Emergency Services - Board Up / Roof Tarping

As part of our services, we provide emergency services like roof tarping and board-ups for our insurance clients. This home in Dunmore, damaged by a tornado, is one such example.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Shingles were blown off this home from a recent storm causing this water damage. Water made its way through the attic to affect the upstairs. Its amazing how much damage a few missing shingles can cause.

Soot Sponge

Soot Sponge

Pictured is a soot sponge. These are a tool restoration companies use to clean soot and smoke damaged structures. Depending on the type of soot, the sponges will clean and not smear the soot. 


Odors from Fire or Smoke Loss

In the event of a fire or smoke loss, we have the equipment necessary to take the odor from the air. The hydroxyl literally zaps the odor molecules and is used as an aide in eliminating smoke odors following a fire.

A SERVPRO employee in a boom lift cleaning a high ceiling in a Scranton plastics manufacturer

Holiday Shut Downs Equal Manufacturing Maintenance

The holiday season with many manufacturing facilities shut downs is a busy time for our manufacturing cleaning team completing top/down, high ceilings and HVAC duct cleanings. Down time for you is a perfect time to have these tasks completed.

A air scrubber being utilized in conjunction with a manufacturing cleaning project.

Manufacturing Cleaning

Here our cleaning crew is utilizing an air scrubber as part of a large scale manufacturing cleaning project we do yearly for a Scranton plastics company. We have the specialized equipment to help facilities professionals keep their facilities clean. If you can't clean it, we will!

A picture of a mold covered ceiling

A Wet Summer Leads to a Moldy Fall

After a prolonged rainy and humid summer, this lakeside summer home without the proper dehumidification system, experienced this mold infestation. Excessive moisture either from a natural or man made disaster is always the impetus to mold growth.

A picture of a cracked water line which caused an in-door flood

A Small Crack Equals a Large Mess

This broken water line which cracked after a freeze and thaw cause a large water disaster for a Scranton homeowner. This just goes to show that it does not take much to cause a disaster. SERVPRO to the rescue.

two SERVPRO employees sponsoring and participating in a community event

Active Participants in the Community

Why SERVPRO? Well, one reason is that we live and work in the community we serve. We pride ourselves on being an active and positive member of the local business community participating in events like this Ronald McDonald house fundraiser.

A SERVPRO employee using the extractor to clean a floor.

Why SERVPRO? We will meet your time schedule.

Why SERVPRO? We have the labor force available to meet your demands. If your facility needs a specialized cleaning service but you can't shut down, SERVPRO will work nights or weekends like this Saturday project at a local manufacturing company.

A SERVPRO truck parked inside a local manufacturing facility

Commercial Service-High Ceiling Cleaning

SERVPRO has the trained employees and specialized equipment to help local manufacturing companies with specialized cleaning projects like high ceilings, heavy cleaning on industrial equipment and HVAC/Dryer duct cleaning to name a few.

A water damaged floor with  SERVPRO employee cleaning it up

Heavy Rains Cause Flooded Basements

A recent storm event which produced heavy and sustained rains caused this flooded basement at a local heath care facility. The storm drains simply could not keep pace causing them to backup directly into the facility.

A SERVPRO employee cleaning a sewer backup in full personal protective equipment.

Sewer Backup Cleanups

Why SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties? One reason is that you probably don't want too nor should you, clean up hazardous materials like sewage. Our trained technicians can safely return this property back to its original condition. 

SERVPRO employee using a scissor lift to clean a commercial HVAC duct system

HVAC Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties employs a certified HVAC technician for our commercial duct cleaning division. Here he is on a scissor lift cleaning the duct system of a local manufacturing business.   

A large roof protected with a tarp after experiencing wind damage

High Winds Equal Roof Leaks

Roof damage from heavy winds and rains are common. Here is a picture of a large scale roof tarp our team completed in Honesdale, Pa following a recent storm. By tarping the roof we are protecting the inside of the home from further damage.

Fallen ceiling tiles laying on the floor a of local hotel. They fell due to a broken ceiling pipe.

Commercial Water Disaster

When it's imperative that the lobby and first floor of your hotel get back open, call SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna County. Our certified water restoration technicians were able to keep this hotel operating safely.

Frozen water emerging from a picture window in a home in Hamlin

Ice Berg Stemming from a Large Scale House Flood

When an ice berg emerges from a home is never a good sign. Just imagine how much water flowed through this home to have it leak outside at this Hamlin home. SERVPRO was called to help restore this damage.

Picture of a fire damaged kitchen cabinets and stove in a Scranton home

Kitchen Fires are the Leading Cause of all Home Fires

This Scranton kitchen fire was caused when a pan of grease ignited. Grease fires are particularly stubborn to clean but our certified fire restoration technicians were able to restore this property back to pre-fire condition. 

Picture of a fire damaged dryer from a Scranton laundromat

Dryer Fire- A Leading Cause of Home Fires

Dryer fires remain a common cause of all home fires. A clogged lint trap is also the most common cause. However this laundromat fire in Scranton was actually caused by spontaneous combustion

SERVPRO employees waxing a VCT tile floor

Preventive Maintenance Plans

We offer preventive maintenance plans for our commercial partners. Some of our services include HVAC and dryer duct cleanings as well as floor care like this strip and wax project for a Scranton manufacturing company.

Mold growth on a bathroom wall

Water Damage-Mold!

This mold infested bathroom was a result of a broken pipe which went unprofessionally cleaned. When water damage is not properly mitigated mold can and will grow. Moisture is one key element for mold to live.

A soot stained bedroom wall from long term candle use

Soot Damage

This soot damaged bedroom wall resulted from long-term candle use. Notice how the soot particles stick to and stain the nail heads where the surface temperature is cooler. The soot particles will "stick" to colder surfaces and will become noticeable as a sooty stain.

A bedroom in disarray with clothes and old food in it

Hoarding/Biohazard-Specialty Cleaning

A preponderance of pet feces can lead to a bio-hazard situation and pose a health risk. This Honesdale home required a professional cleaning company like SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties.

A SERVPRO employee in full personal protective equipment inside a hoarding home in Hamlin, Pa

Hoarding Homes - a Bio-Haz Component

Full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for all SERVPRO employees called to clean a bio-hazard situation like this hoarding home in Hamlin, Pa. In many hoarding situations a bio-hazard component is also present and precautions need to be under taken.

SERVPRO trucks lined up min front of a large building in Honesdale

No Job Too Big: Commercial Services

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna County partnering with SERVPRO of Carbondale/Clarks Summit/Old Forge on a large scale commercial cleanup. Our ability to handle any size job is one advantage to calling us for all your commercial restoration needs.

Pigeon dung on a floor of an abandon building SERVPRO was called to clean

Pigeon Dung Cleanup

Pigeon dung can potentially pose a health risk. A large scale cleanup like this one in Honesdale should always be done by a specialty cleaning company like SERVPRO. We have the training and equipment necessary to safely clean this bio-hazard cleanup.

Colorful mold spores growing inside a homes drop ceiling

Not all Mold is "Black" Mold

Mold can appear in many different colors and forms. While most people think of "black" mold, here is a picture of mold appearing in many different colors. In this incidence the color are due to strain and the environment the spores are growing in. 

Kitchen stove and cabinets covered in soot from a fire

Kitchen Fire In Moscow, Pa.

Kitchen fires remain a leading cause of all home fires and this one in Moscow caused this smoke and soot damage. Cleaning soot and fire related damage is one of SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties specialties. We are "Always here to help".

A big building with the roof hanging over the side from a wind storm.

Emergency Response/Tarping Services

This senior living facility roof experienced this damage from a wind and rain storm which blew through Scranton. We were called to tarp the roof as well as begin the process of restoring the damage. SERVPRO is 'Always here to help".

A couch floating in a basement filled with water

Basement Flood

A pipe broke in this Honesdale basements ceiling flooding it until the couch was literally floating. Following the extraction of all this water, SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties was able to restore it and help make it 'Like it never even happened".