Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire damaged roof needing protection

Fire Damaged Roof

The roof caught fire as contractors were working on a repair. As you can see the fire spread right down the tar seam. We were called to build a temporary repair in order to protect the interior of the building

Soot webs are an obvious indication of smoke damage

Soot Webs

The webs in the ceiling of this structure are not cobb webs, but soot webs. Soot from a fire rises and as the fire consumes the oxygen they bond together. A sure sign of smoke damage. 

Soot Sponge

Soot Sponge

Pictured is a soot sponge. These are a tool restoration companies use to clean soot and smoke damaged structures. Depending on the type of soot, the sponges will clean and not smear the soot. 


Odors from Fire or Smoke Loss

In the event of a fire or smoke loss, we have the equipment necessary to take the odor from the air. The hydroxyl literally zaps the odor molecules and is used as an aide in eliminating smoke odors following a fire.

Picture of a fire damaged kitchen cabinets and stove in a Scranton home

Kitchen Fires are the Leading Cause of all Home Fires

This Scranton kitchen fire was caused when a pan of grease ignited. Grease fires are particularly stubborn to clean but our certified fire restoration technicians were able to restore this property back to pre-fire condition. 

Picture of a fire damaged dryer from a Scranton laundromat

Dryer Fire- A Leading Cause of Home Fires

Dryer fires remain a common cause of all home fires. A clogged lint trap is also the most common cause. However this laundromat fire in Scranton was actually caused by spontaneous combustion

A soot stained bedroom wall from long term candle use

Soot Damage

This soot damaged bedroom wall resulted from long-term candle use. Notice how the soot particles stick to and stain the nail heads where the surface temperature is cooler. The soot particles will "stick" to colder surfaces and will become noticeable as a sooty stain.

Kitchen stove and cabinets covered in soot from a fire

Kitchen Fire In Moscow, Pa.

Kitchen fires remain a leading cause of all home fires and this one in Moscow caused this smoke and soot damage. Cleaning soot and fire related damage is one of SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties specialties. We are "Always here to help".