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Mold Growth a Result of Water Damage

2/25/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth from water damage When an in-door flood goes untreated, mold growth is a predictable result.

When a furnace malfunctions and the radiators overfill with water the end result is an indoor flood. Unfortunately, in this case, the homeowner was away and the causing the damage to be severe. Since it took days for the damage to be addressed and the homes heat continued to operate mold growth was inevitable.

Three (3) common components for mold to grow are moisture, warmth and lack of air-flow. In this instance all three were present thus the result.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties was contracted by the homeowners insurance company to restore the property back to pre-damage condition. Remediating the mold growth was certainly part of this process. 

As a full-service restoration company, proudly servicing all of Wayne County, SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is capable of taking a job this size from beginning to end. We are "always here to help".

Hording and Biohazard Cleanup

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

Biohazard Cleanup A biohazard cleanup we recently were called too. A professional cleanup company with biohazard experience should always be called in these situations.

In many instances when a hording and/or lack of care occurs with a tenant, it can also become a biohazard situation. SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties have been to call to many of these unfortunate situations. It is sad for both the owner and tenant.

When a situation like this occurs it is wise to call a professional cleaning company like SERVPRO. Safety issues aside, we have the necessary specialized cleaning agents and the know-how of the disposal methods. In many cases it is illegal to simply throw the affected items away.  

Once the cleanup is completed a through disinfecting is required to render the space safe. We employ specialized equipment like air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to ensure a proper disinfection process.

If you are ever in one of these unfortunate situations, please call the professionals at SERVPRO.

Post Construction Cleanup

2/12/2022 (Permalink)

When the dust of new construction settles, SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is "here to help". As a specialty cleaning company we work with developers, property managers and contractors putting the final touches of their projects by completing post-construction cleanups.

Since many of our partners simply do not have the labor force or the expertise to make their project dust free, they hire us knowing that we do. Our cleaning technicians are detailed orientated paying attention to areas most people would simply over look. We have the tools and cleaning agents to ensure a proper cleaning.

The old restoration adage of if we can cleanup following a fire, we can certainly cleanup following a construction project. So before your tenants move-in, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties.

We Help Limit Business Interruption

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Containment as an aide to the remediation process. We set up this containment at a local medical facility to facility the drying process and limit business interruption.

When your business is essential and really whose is not, and continued operation while recovering from any size smoke, fire or water disaster is important to you; SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is "here to help".

Pictured is a medical facility which suffered water damage. It was paramount to them to remain in operation taking care of their patients while the damage was remediated. Our SERVPRO technicians were able to isolate the damage and set up containment separating the damaged area from the undamaged. Containment also facilitates the drying process. By keeping the heat isolated it speeds up the drying process.

The containment will also add an extra level of safety by keeping both staff and the patients away from the affected areas. Safety is always paramount to our team especially when the business continues to operate.

Ice Dams-The Winter Nighmare

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Most homeowners are unaware of the term-ice dams but should be. Ice dams are a common winter phenomena in which melting snow from the roof freezes causing think slabs of ice to freeze along the eaves of the structure. The ice acts as a "dam" blocking the flow and forcing the water back into the house causing structural damage. Wet insulation and sheet rock can certainly have negative implications to the structures interior. SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is called to ice dam related issues several times per season.

The good news is that with some preparation and maintenance ice dams can be prevented sometimes for good. The link below is an excellent resource in preventive maintenance for  the cure and prevention of ice dams.

Restore Rather Than Replace

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

It's important to know that when you hire a restoration company like SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties you are doing so to ensure your damaged property is returned to pre-damaged condition whenever possible. While we work for you, we also have an obligation to your insurance company. Our goal is to work lock-step with them to ensure whatever is not restorable you get reimbursed for. 

When dealing with damaged contents, a detailed list with pictures is complied of salvageable and unsalvageable items. This list is then forwarded to the insurance company for them to review and reimburse.

What is salvageable the restoration company with the use of our skilled technicians and specialized cleaning products will save. This is especially helpful since many sentimental items can be returned rather than destroyed.

SERVPRO can help you navigate through a sometimes difficult time of recovering from any smoke, fire or water disaster. You don't have to do it alone.

Restoration Tools

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

Employing the use of a moisture meter Moisture meters are used to detect wet areas of the structure. Tools like these are why people rely on us for all their restoration needs.

Insurance companies and professional facility professionals rely on restoration companies to remediate and restore damaged property because they are the experts. It is important that homes and businesses are restored properly to ensure safety, limit business interruption and any secondary damage.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties is lead by crew chiefs who are IICRC certified in smoke, fire and water cleanup. They lead a crew of technicians who employ the use of modern technology so the job is done correctly. We also employ certified mold where we can test and remediate and biohazard cleanups.

Pictured is one of our technicians using a moisture meter to detect moisture behind the sheet rock. This helps identify all the wet areas within the structure so that complete drying can occur. Tools like these are why insurance companies and facility professionals rely on us.

North East Pa. and Weather

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded work space from a burst water line This business experienced a large scale water intrusion following a pipe break after several days and nights of extremely cold temperatures.

Weather is regional. Northeastern Pennsylvania is notorious for our winters. Cold and frigid temperatures play havoc with pipes and heating units. This past week was unseasonably cold and SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties was called to numerous burst water lines causing substantial water damage to many residential and commercial properties.

In several incidents the business owner, employee or home owner discovered the damage and water running for an extended period of time which never bodes well. Obviously the more water the more damage. One tip is to make sure all know where the water shut-off value is located within the home or business. Tagging it is another worthwhile venture. The quicker the water is stopped the better chance of reducing any additional damage and secondary damage. 

So in short, (1) identify main water shut off and (2) tag it so it is easy to identify in a panic situation.

Electrical Fire

1/20/2022 (Permalink)

Electrical Fire originating in the ceiling This electrical fire originating in the attic caused significant damaged displacing the homeowner.

Every fire is different in its own way. A protein fire (food) is different from a boiler fire (puff back). An electrical fire differs from grease fire. The remediation and cleanup also differ.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties was recently called to two separate electrical fires. Both caused significant damage displacing a homeowner and shutting down a commercial deli. Our certified fire cleanup technicians have the training to address the damage and begin the process of restoring both properties.

Our goal for both is to limit business interruption for the deli and getting the homeowner back home. The process of reviewing all the owners contents to determine what can be saved and what needs to be discarded is one of the initial tasks after all safety issues are addressed. Demolition and cleaning follow closely with the reconstruction the last step.

From board-up to put-back one call can handle it all.

Commercial Kitchen Fire

1/20/2022 (Permalink)

Stove fire A plastic bread basket was left on this burner causing a smoky kitchen fore at a local restaurant.

SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties has the experience and expertise to handle any size damage. Pictured is a recent kitchen fire at a local restaurant. Luckily the hood vent fire suppressant system  was able to exhaust the fire before it could spread, however the chemical residue as well as the smoke damage needs to be addressed by a professional restoration company.

Professional companies like SERVPRO of Wayne and South Lackawanna Counties are needed in eating and drinking establishments to ensure the property is safe and clean. Knowing what needs to be restored and what needs to be discarded is very important when dealing with public eating establishments.

Luckily we were called early and were able to reduce this business owners downtime since his restaurant is a neighborhood staple and they are counting on us to get them re-open.